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Artist: Billy Joel Album: Cold Spring Harbor Track: She's Got A Way
Artist: Prince Album: Parade Track: Kiss

I have to do zombie makeup on the weekend for myself and 2 friends for the zombie walk. I’ve never done anything like it before or used liquid latex (although apparently the texture is really similar to eyelash glue) so I’m really hoping it goes well and I don’t think I’m going to have much time to do theirs. *watches a million tutorials* 


Cyndi Lauper


Cyndi Lauper

I listen to this “Britney radio” on Pandora  when I exercise because I’m to lazy to download a actual playlist. They play a lot of Justin Timberlake and Cry Me a River comes on a lot and every time I’m like image

A passionate woman is worth the chaos.
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A movie I really do want to see is The Skeleton Twins..

Anonymous asks: I don't think its Megan foxs acting thought, i think that's what the director wants to portray

Maybe and perhaps she struggled with the cgi (or whatever the specific name for it is). I just thought her reactions to what was going on were not very drastic or “genuine”, she just seemed so lifeless. I don’t even understand the point of Will Arnetts character (I like him as a actor, not in this) but he just drove the van & had a crush on her (pretty much). It’s not like I was expecting great things, it is a movie made for children about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles..